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Automatic Transmission

1964-68 Tempest 6 cyl., 326 & 350

1967-68 Firebird 6 cyl., 326 & 350

1969 Firebird & Tempest 6 cyl. 1 Bar. Carb.

1969 Firebird & Tempest 350 2 Bar. Carb.


Illustrated Parts Break Down

Cut away view EXPLODED VIEW

1) Gear, Trans. reverse ring

2) Ring, Reverse clutch pack snap

3) Plate, Reverse clutch pressure

4) Plate, Reverse clutch reaction

5) Spring, Reverse clutch cushion (6 cyl.)

6) Seat, Reverse clutch piston return spring

7) Spring, Reverse clutch piston return

8) Ring, Low servo cover retainer

9) Cover, Low servo

10) Seal, Low servo cover oil

11) Piston assy., Low servo (See Exploded View)

12) Case assy., Trans

13) Valve, Modulator vacuum - front

14) Valve, Modulator vacuum - rear

15) Seal, Vacuum modulator to case oil

16) Retainer, Vacuum modulator

17) Bolt, Modulator to case (5/16"-18x 9/16")

18) Modulator assy., Trans. vacuum

19) Retainer assy., Rear bearing (Inc. #21)

20) Bolt, Retainer assy. to trans. case (3/8"-16 x 1-1/2")

21) Bushing, Transmission extension (Part of #19)

22) Seal, Output shaft to extension assy. Oil retain

23) Seal, Speedometer gear sleeve to rear bearing retainer

24) Retainer, Speedometer driver gear sleeve

25) Bolt, Retainer to rear bearing retainer (5/16"-18 x 9/16")

26) Seal & Sleeve assy, Speedometer driven gear

27) Gear, Speedometer driven

28) Seal, Rear bearing retainer to case

29) Gear, Speedometer drive

30) Bolt, Governor cover to trans. case (5/16"-18 x 9/16")

31) Cover, Trans. governor

32) Gasket, Trans. governor cover

33) Governer assy, Transmission

34) Connector, Downshift solenoid valve

1967-68 Firebird 6 cyl. Automatic Transmission Exploded View

35) Seal, Detent valve solenoid connecting

36) Screw, Low brake band anchor adjusting

37) Park Lock & Range Selector, Shaft (See Exploded View)

38) Gasket, Valve body plate to case

39) Plate, Trans. valve body

40) Plate, Oil channel support

41) Body assy., Transmission valve (See Exploded View)

42) Grommet, Trans. oil strainer

43) Strainer assy, Transmission oil

44) Gasket, Trans. caseoil pan

45) Pan, Transmission oil

46) Screw & Lockwasher assy, Oil pan to case

47) Pipe, Tran. oil strainer

48) Seal, Oil suction pipe to case

49) Clip, Solenoid wires to valve body

50) Valve, Solenoid

51) Race, Planet carrier to case thrust bearing(37/64" ID, x 2-11/64" O.D. x .030)

52) Bearinging assy, Planet carrier to case needle

53) Race, Planet carrier to case thrust bearing(1-1/2" ID. x 2-5/32" OD x 1/4")

54) Carrier & Output Shaft assy, Planet (See Exploded View)

55) Bushing, Case to output shaft

56) Seal pkg., Reverse clutch piston

57) Piston, Trans. reverse clutch

58) Ring, Clutch piston return spring snap

59) Plate assy, Reverse clutch drive

60) Strut, Low brake band apply

61) Shaft assy., Trans. input

62) Ring, Input shaft oil

63) Drum & Bushing assy., Clutch (See Exploded View)

64) Strut, Low brake band anchor

65) Band assy., Trans. low brake

66) Ring, Clutch drum oil seal

67) Washer, Pump cover to high clutch drum thrust

68) Pump assy., Transmission oil (See Exploded View)

69) Converter assy, Transmission

70) Bolt, Converter to flywheel (w/weld nuts in converter pkg.)

71) Nut, Converter to flywheel (3/8"-24)

72) Clip, Speedometer drive gear retainer

73) Spacer, Converter to crankshaft

74) Cushion, Reverse clutch piston Not Shown: Stick, DipTube, Dip stick O-ring, Dip stick Cover, Converter Screw, converter cover


The exploded view illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.