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Pontiac Turbo-Hydramatic Transmission


Converter, Pump, Intermediate & Direct Clutch


Illustrated Parts Break Down

Cut Away View


Mainshaft, Fwd Clutch Low & Reverse Clutch & Output Shaft

Valve Body, Servo Piston & Accumulator

Parking Lock & Range Selector

Case, Extension, Accumulator & Governor


1) Converter assy., Trans

2) Seal, Oil pump to conv. hub

3) Bushing, Oil pump body

4) Body, Oil pump

5) Spring, Oil pump cooler by-pass valve

6) Ball, Oil pump cooler by-pass valve

7) Seat, Oil pump cooler by-pass valve

8) Valve, Oil pump priming

9) Seal, Oil pump to case

10) Bushing, Oil pump stator shaft - front

11) Cover assy, Oil pump

12) Pump assy, Oil

13) Ring, Direct clutch drum oil seal

14) Bushing, Direct clutch drum

15) Gasket, Pump cover to case

16) Seal, Intermediate clutch - inner (Part of #18)

17) Seal, Intermediate clutch - outer (Part of #18)

18) Seal pkg., Intermediate clutch

19) Bolt, Oil Pump to case

20) Spring, Oil pump priming valve

21) Gear, Oil pump drive

22) Gear, Oil pump driven

23) Ring, Forward clutch housing oil seal

24) Bushing, Oil pump stator shaft - rear

25) Piston, Intermediate clutch

26) Spring, Intermediate clutch piston return

27) Seat, Intermediate clutch piston return spring

1969-72 Pontiac Turbo-Hydramatic Transmission (M-38) Exploded View

28) Washer, Direct clutch drum thrust - selective

29) Plate, Intermediate clutch reaction

30) Plate, Intermediate clutch pressure

31) Retainer, Intermediate overrun clutch

32) Race, Intermediate overrun clutch - outer

33) Clutch, Intermediate overrun

34) Cam, Intermediate overrun clutch

35) Band, Intermediate overrun clutch brake

36) Drum, Direct Clutch

37) Bolt, Pump cover to body (5/16"-18 x 1-1/2" Hex. - Lock)

38) Spring, Intermediate clutch cushion

39) Plate, Intermediate clutch drive

40) Ring, Intermediate clutch overrun retainer - front

41) Seal, Direct clutch piston - outer (Part of #44)

42) Seal. Direct clutch piston - center (Part of #44)

43) Seal, Direct clutch piston - inner (Part of #44)

44) Seal pkg., Direct clutch piston

45) Spring, Direct clutch piston return

46) Seat, Direct clutch piston return spring

47) Ring, Direct clutch piston return spring seat

48) Spring, Direct clutch piston cushion

49) Plate, Direct clutch driven

50) Plate, Direct clutch pressure

51) Bearing, Direct clutch drum to forward clutch housing - thrust

52) Piston, Direct clutch

53) Plate,Direct clutch drive

54) Ring, Direct clutch pressure plate retainer

55) Spacer, Converter to crankshaft

56) Bolt, Converter to flywheel


The exploded view illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.