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    2005 was an interesting year. In February I put my balls in a wheel barrel and started doing stand
up comedy. For a guy that failed second grade reading because I wouldn't get up in front of the class 
and give my book reports, I feel that I've come a long way, but I'm not saying it's easy.   

   Most of my time was spent working on the web site. I wanted it to have a little meat before 
I started restoring the car. 
Me & My Willy
May was a busy month. I headed into the hills 
for my allotment of fuel wood. 
Wood is my only source of heat. I really enjoy the whole 
aspect of acquiring, splitting and stacking it. 
Sitting next to the stove on a cold winter night
is marvelous. weekend.html


Unemployment ran out in May, so it was back to oat meal, rice and veggies until the airline contract started in June. 
I was pretty excited to get back to turning wrenches after sitting in front the computer all winter. That excitement 
faded fast after changing a #1 cockpit windshield. I started at 10pm and didn't finish until 2pm the next after noon.
I was told by a superior that I really went above and beyond on this job to keep the schedule uninterrupted. 
I'll quote him "I won't forget this". Two days later I flew with the airplane to Atlanta. The return trip took 
14 hours and I was never served any food or offered the opportunity to eat. We land in San Antone Texas about 
eight hours into the trip. I bought 4 candy bars from a vending machine at the fixed base operator. For the next six  
hours I sat in the back of the plane like a junkie on a sugar rush. At 12 hours we were in Reno. At this point if  
I were armed, I would have shot a man just to watch him die.(John Cash). It's amazing how fast he forgot. It  
just reminds me of what a scumbag the airline industry is. 
Grandpa & I
He was disappoint it wasn't a buck. 1995
The first time I started to promote my stand up act and 
tell people I would be at the open mic in August,
my grandfather passed away at the age of 93. 
He moved his family to America in 1947 and lived the American  
dream. I flew back to New York for the ceremony. I was doing 
pretty well holding back the emotion until my genius brother said
we should put his night cap in the coffin with him. 
Now I know what a gutted fish feels. I tried to think of happy
thoughts. The first time I went hunting with him, he was
82 years old. We were walking into the woods before sun up.  
I let him walk in front of me and lead the way.
As I was looking to the left with my flashlight I heard him stumble.
When I turned to face forward, the flashlight revealed his cap
hanging from a tree branch. 
Then I heard him mumbling in Italian and laughing.
We both laughed enough to scare away any deer in the area.
That thought made things worse. I don't think I've sucked 
back that much snot in 25 years.
   Thanks to the severe hurricane season the contract was extended into late October. I missed the hunting 
season this year. Then again if I really wanted to go I would have. 
  The sweepstakes is set up. The restoration
should start soon. My stand up act is coming
along nicely. I can only ask the man upstairs
for some success, because I've just about
had enough with where I've been these 
last few years.

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