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       The distance between a pat on the back and a kick in the pants is not that far. That tolerance between  
Safety and Stupidity is a little tighter. Let us face a little reality. Getting out of bed in the morning could be the 
stupidest thing you could do. Then again, how many people just drop dead walking in the streets? So, get your  
lazy adipose tissue out of bed and cheat death!

       The bathroom alone contains serious hazards. If you make it out of there alive you've cheated death once  
again. Once you're out of the house, not only are you in peril of your own stupidity, but from the heathens around 

       Now that you made it home safety, let us discuss a little shop safety, since cruising around with an eye patch, 
missing fingers, toes or a crushed chest isn't too cool. Although some chicks might dig it, they're probably freaky.  
The kind that would wake you up with a steak knife to your chest. That's not safe, by the way. 
        Eye protection is necessary. I can't count the number of times debris
and fluids had a glide path that intersected my eyes. Safety glasses don't 
work when hydraulic fluid sprays in your face. You need the proper safety
equipment for the type of work you'll be doing.  I had a boss that used to 
break my balls when he caught me without safety glasses when I was 
working in the LD3 shop. The funny thing is that when I did have them on
and was drilling overhead, when I looked down and then back up I got a
shaving that bounced between the glasses and my eye. Well, you can't blink
fast enough. Fortunately the guy I was working with was a witness and 
drove me to the emergency room. I didn't get a disciplinary report put in 
my file.(Like it makes a difference now that I'm laid off and the company is bankrupt.) A few 
weeks go by and the boss comes in with a shined left eye and a bloodshot
eyeball. I figured the wife hit him with a pot. It took about three weeks 
before I got him to confess. He was in a rush and was turning some bar 
stock on a lathe at home. "It happened so fast" he said, he saw stars 
and darkness before he heard the clinking of the steel on the floor.
After a few seconds of darkness he picked his glasses up off the floor,
which were not safety glasses, but did take the brunt and protect 
is eyeball.
Glasses, face shield, and Goggles what ever you have use it.
Clothing should be a necessity when working in the shop. Unless it's the Body Shop were the beer is expensive. 
Use some common sense here. If you're welding, wear heavy leather boots and long sleeves. I learned the hard 
way when a BB size molten piece of welding rod burnt through my nylon sneaker. If you're wearing flammable 
clothing practice your drop and roll. A word of advice, pick up the dog pooh on the lawn first. If you have ever
knelt on a screw or pebble the sharp pain should be enough to make you wear knee pads. 
Mini Max

Chemicals are a necessity in any
maintenance program. Wearing 
the proper respirator is 
imperative. Read the cartridge list
of organic or non-organic mediums
it protects against. If you don't
understand it, call the 
manufacturer. I'm sure they will
be glad to help. Proper fit of the
respirator is very important.
If the fumes or dust squeeze
past, What good is it?
When Jacking up a car always do it
on a level surface. If you don't have
one, find one stupid! Once inertia 
takes hold it's over. Unless you turn 
green when you get mad and can
bench a car, you'll end up with a 
Darwin award. When the rescue
squad shows up and takes pictures 
you'll end up on the web. Hopefully
with your pants on. Use a pair of jack
stands as a secondary to the jack.

Jack Stand
Belt Lift
Dusty Face
Latex a quintessential emulsion of
synthetic rubber or plastic.
In the shop, at home, and the back 
seat of your car latex is there to 
protect you. A plethora of manufacturers
produce many different varieties of 
latex products. Gloves with knobs for
better grip, different thickness and
a variety of chemical resistance. Whether
you stretch one on your hands or head
you can reduce the risk of 
Blue Gloves
Although I've made light of safety, it's no joke when you get hurt. It only takes a split second, so try to
ask yourself "If I do this what is the out come I expect?" Remember for every action there is an opposite
(I know I'm selfish)
(Just in case you read this and get hurt. I'm not responsible, since I'm not standing over your shoulder to smack you in the back of the head.)