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Illustrated Parts Break Down

1) Retainer, Pump rod lower

2) Rod, Pump

3) Screw, Fast idle cam

4) Cam, Fast idle

5) Screw, Trip lever

6) Lever, Trip

7) Lever/collar, Choke

8) Rod, Choke

9) Screw, Idle vent valve

10) Shield, Idle vent valve

11) Valve, Idle vent

12) Fitting, Fuel inlet

13) Gasket, Fuel inlet fitting

14) Gasket, Fuel filter

15) Filter, Fuel inlet

16) Spring, Fuel filter

17) Screw, Stat cover retainer

18) Retainer, Stat cover/toothed

19) Retainer, Stat cover/plain

20) Stat/cover assy.

21) Gasket, Stat cover

22) Plate, Choke baffle

23) Gasket, Choke housing (not shown)

24) Screw/ lockwasher, Bowl cover (extra long)

25) Screw/ lockwasher, Bowl cover

26) Bowl cover assy.

27) Pin, Float hinge

28) Float/lever assy.

29) Needle, Seat/ gasket assy.

30) Gasket, bowl cover

31) Retainer, Pump plunger

32) Pump plunger

33) Power piston assy.

34) Screw, Venturi cluster center


35) Washer/fiber, Venturi cluster center screw

36) Screw/ lockwasher, Venturi cluster

37) Venturi cluster assy.

38) Gasket, Venturi cluster assy.

39) Insert, Main well

40) Spring, Pump return

41) Ball, Pump intake (used in types with seat in casting)

42) Guide, Pump Discharge ball

43) Spring, Pump Discharge ball

44)Ball, Pump Discharge

45)Valve assy, Power

46) Gasket, Power valve

47) Jets, Main Metering

48) Screw/ lockwasher, Throttle body to bowl

49) Bowl assy, Float

50) Gasket, Body flange (used with or w/o idle compensator #60)

50A) Gasket, Body flange (used with vapor vent slots. For types w/o idle compensator)

50B) Gasket, Body flange (with vapor vent opening and idle compensator passage. May sub for 50 & 50A)

51) Throttle body assy.

52) Needle, Idle adjust

53) Spring, Idle adjust needle

54) Gasket, Flange

55) Needle, Idle air adjusting

56) Spring, Idle air adjusting needle

57) Screw, Cover idle compensator

58) Cover, Idle compensator

59) Screw, Idle compensator valve

60) Valve, Idle compensator

61) Gasket, Idle compensator valve

62) Stat cover/ spring assy. (Hot water type)

63) Retainer, Filter

64) Filter, Air intake

65) Retainer, Vacuum control rod 2GV

66) Rod, Vacuum control 2GV

67) Screw, Stat rod lever 2GV

68) Lever, Stat rod 2GV

69) Screw, Vacuum control attaching

70) Vacuum break control assy.

71) Hose, Vacuum break control


The exploded view illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.

** Not shown