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Body Plate Identification

1960 - 1961 - 1962 - 1963 - 1964 - 1965 - 1966 - 1967 - 1968 - 1969 - 1971 - 1972 - 1973 - 1974 - 1975
Wanted: Pictures of body plates


Location: Under the hood attached to the right or left fender, Cowl, or Radiator Cross member.  
                Read left to right bottom to top.
Line 1: Engine code Digits 1-2-3 E61
Line 1: Transmission code Digits 4-5-6 D11
Line 1: Car line Digit 7 C
Line 1: Price class Digit 8 E
Line 1: Body type Digits 9-10 AF
Line 1: Engine code Digit 11 L
Line 1: Model year code Digit 12 0
Line 1: Assembly plant code Digit 13 A
Line 1: Production sequence Last six digits XXXXXX
Line 2: Lwr body paint code Digits 1-2-3 EW1
Line 2: Trim code Digits 4-5-6-7 D11
Line 2: Price class Digit 4 C
Line 2: Seat and fabric Digit 5 E
Line 2: Interior color Digits 6-7 A9
Line 2: Upper door frame color Digits 8-9-10 Not Listed
Line 2: Month code Digit 11 7
Line 2: Day of month code Digits 12-13 A
Line 2: Production sequence Last six digits XXXXXX
Line 3: Upper body/vinyl color code Digit 1-2-3 V1G
Car Line
Code Make Code Make
B Barracuda R Belvedere/Satellite
V Valiant P Fury
Code CID Code CID
E06 Special Order 6-cyl B 198 1-BC 6-cyl
E08 Special Order 8-cyl C 225 1-BC 6-cyl
E22 198 1-BC 6-cyl E Special Order 6-cyl
E24 225 1-BC 6-cyl G 318 2-BC
E25 225 1-BC 6-cyl H 340 4-BC Hi-Perf
E44 318 2-BC J 340 3-2-BC
E55 340 4-BC L 383 2-BC
E61 383 2-BC N 383 4-BC Hi-Perf
E63 383 4-BC Hi-Perf R 426 Hemi
E74 426 4-BC Hi-Perf Hemi T 440
E85 440 4-BC U 440 Hi-Perf
E86 440 4-BC Hi-Perf V 440 3-2-BC
E87 440 3-2-BC Hi-Perf Z Special Order 8-cyl
Code Type Code Type
D11 A903 3-spd Col. Shift D31 A904 Automatic
D12 A230 3-spd Col. Shift D32 A727 Automatic
D13 A230 3-spd Flr. Shift D34 A727 Automatic
D14 3-spd Manual D36 A727 HD Automatic
D21 A833 4-spd Manual  
Code Class Code Class
E Economy M Medium
H High P Premium
K Police S Special
L Low T Taxi
Code Type Code Type
21 2 dr. Sedan Coupe 41 4 dr. Sedan
23 2 dr. Hardtop Coupe 43 4 dr. Hardtop
27 Convertible 45 Sta. Wagon 2-seat
29 2 dr. Sport Hrdtp 46 Sta. Wagon 3-seat
Assembly Plant
Code Assembly Plant Code Assembly Plant
A Lynch Rd, Detroit F Newark, DE
B Hamtramck, MI G St. Louis, MO
C Jefferson Ave, Detroit H New Stanton, PA
D Belvidere, IL P Wyoming, MI Export
E Los Angeles, CA R Windsor, Ontario CAN
Body Paint
Code Color Code Color
EA4 Silver Metallic EM9 Deep Plum
EA9 Charcoal Metallic FP6 Frosted Teal Metallic
EB3 Ice Blue Metallic ER6 Scorch Red
EB5 Blue Fire Metallic FT3 Sahara Tan Metallic
EB7 Jamaica Blue Metallic FT6 Burnt Tan Metallic
FC7 Voilet Metallic FT8 Walnut Metallic
FE5 Rallye Red EV2 Tor-Red
FF4 Lime Green Metallic EW1 Apline White
EF8 Ivy Green Metallic TX9 Black Velvet
EF9 Dark Emerald Metallic FY1 Lemon Twist
FJ5 Limelight DY2 Sunfire Yellow
FJ6 Sassy Grass Green DY3 Yellow Gold
EK2 Vitamin C FY4 Citron Mist Metallic
FK3 Burnt Orange Metallic FY6 Citron Gold Metallic
FK5 Deep Burnt Orange Metallic C37D Petty Blue
BL1 Sand Pebble Beige 999 Special Order
FM3 Moulon Rouge  
Seat & Fabric
Code Type Code Type
1 Cloth & Vinyl Bench 5 Cloth & Vinyl Bucket
2 Vinyl Bench 6 Vinyl Bucket
3 Cloth & Vinyl Split Bench R Vinyl & Leather Bucket
4 Vinyl Split Bench  
Interior Fabric
Code Color Code Color
A5 Gray M9 Burgundy
A8 Black Forest P6 Teal
A9 Dark Gray R9 Oxblood
B3 Light Blue T3 Light Tan
B5 Medium Blue T5 Tan
B7 Dark Blue TW Tan & White
BW White & Blue TT Walnut & Beige
E4 Red X9 Black
EW White & Red XA Black & Charcoal
F4 Light Green XP Black & Peacock
FW White & Green XW White & Black
F8 Green XY Black & Gold
K4 Burnt Orange YX Gold & Black
KW White & Burnt Orange Y4 Gold
L2 Beige  
PRT5 Tan
PRX9 Black
PRXW White & Black
Month of Manufacture
Code Month Code Month
1 January 7 July
2 February 8 August
3 March 9 September
4 April A October
5 May B November
6 June C December
Body & Roof
Code Color Code Color
V01 Paint-mono tone V5T " Tan
V02 Paint-two tone V5W " White
V08 Paint, Trim&Vinyl Roof Waiver V5X " Black
V09 Paint Special Order V5Y " Citron Gold
V10 Vinyl Roof V60 Sport Stripes Tape
V1F " Green V6B " Blue
V1G " Gator Grain V6F " Green
V1J " Walnut Patterned V6H " Trans Am Black TA, AAR only
V1L " Champagne V6J " Chartreuse
V1P " Yellow Cuda only V6K " Burnt Orange
V1Q " Blue Cuda only V6M " Magenta
V1W " White V6R " Red
V1X " Black V6W " White
V1Y " Turquoise Grain V6X " Black
V19 " Special Order V6Y " Gold RM=Dust Trail
V21 Paint-Hood Performance V68 Sport Stripes Delete
V22 Delete Sprt Hood Treatment V70 Accent Stripes Paint
V23 Delete Lwr Bdy Orignal Pnt V7B " Blue
V24 Paint-Hood Perf. w/eng callout V7F " Green
V30 Convertible Top V7R " Red
V3W Convertible Top White V7W " White
V3X Convertible Top Black V7X " Black
V40 Tape Stripe-bdyside Cuda only V78 " Delete
V4J " Lime Daylight Fluores Cuda only V80 Sport Stripes Tape
V4M " Pink Daylight Fluores Cuda only V8B " Blue
V4W " White V8F " Green
V4X " Black V8R " Red
V50 Mouldings-protect. vinyl bdyside V8W " White
V5B " Bright Blue V8X " Black
V5F " Light Green V8Y " Gold
V5K " Burnt Orange V88 " Delete
V5R " Red Paint Chip Palette
If there are any omissions or errors please let us know. Thank you
1960 - 1961 - 1962 - 1963 - 1964 - 1965 - 1966 - 1967 - 1968 - 1969 - 1971 - 1972 - 1973 - 1974 - 1975