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  1) Retainer, Master cylinder
  2) Cover, Master cylinder
  3) Diaphragm, Master cylinder
  4) Cup, Piston pumping 
  5) Piston,  Primary 
  6) Cup, Master cyl piston
  7) Seal, Master cyl to vacuum
  8) Retainer, Master cyl to
         vacuum cyl seal
  9) Ring, Piston retaining
          1.125" dia. 
10) Cup,  Secondary piston 
11) Piston,  Secondary
12) Protector, Piston cup
13) Cup, Piston pumping 
14) Retainer, Cylinder cup
15) Spring, Secondary piston
          cup return
16) Bolt, Secondary piston
17) Seal, Secondary piston
          stop bolt
18) Seat, Outlet tube
19) Valve, Check
20) Spring, Check valve
21) Body, Master cylinder


Bendix Brake Master Cylinder

Bendix Brake Master Cylinder Exploded View 

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.