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The Benefits Of Restoring And Driving

A Pre-80's Vehicle.


From car shows to street driven machines people love classic cars.

Their style, lines and brute muscle make us tremble inside.

T-Bone next to my 48 Willys

Ryan in a stylish T-shirt


Being biased about the subject,

I asked Ryan (aka T-bone) for his opinion. Ryan, a

motorhead with 20 years of automotive retail parts

sales experience explains some benefits of restoring

and driving pre-80's vehicles.


It was about 6 am on a cold October morning when T-bone

and I loaded my 48 Willys Jeep for a day of hunting. What

perfect opportunity to discuss the benefits of classic car

restoration and driving. Before we could leave the driveway

he had to put in a bit of chew.

Once on the road, I posed the first question.

Q: What would you consider as the four main benefits of

restoring and the driving of a classic car?

A: Well there're way more than four benefits. But since you

only want four you'll have to give me a few seconds

to think about it.

Dan: OK. Don't think too hard and have a aneurysm.

(The hum of the road filled the truck of silence.

With a crack of the window and a good'ole chew

spit, which you know is probably smeared on the

side of my jeep. You can't spit faster then the

wind. I don't care what anyone says.)

A: I have two for the restoration and two for the driving.

Dan: Let'em rip.

A: First would be the costs, second would be enjoyment of

working with your hands and feeling a sense of

pride. The two benfits for driving: costs again

and joy.

Dan: I agree. The costs of purchasing a restorable car can

run from $1000-$5000, depending on the condition.

The costs of a restoration can run from

$5000-$10,000. This is if you do all the work

yourself. Of course you will have to have the

machine work and plating done by pro's. Compare

this to the price of a new car and your saving a

few grand.

Ryan: Let's talk about parts prices and labor rates. If you

compare the prices of older model parts to newer

models, there sometimes is a three-fold increase in

newer parts prices. Add that to a $70.00 an hour

labor rate from a shop and that equals murder in

my book. The way cars are built today with all the

latest electronics you can't work on them


Dan: Explain the pride part to me.

Ryan: Anyone that's ever fixed something that was broken

knows what I'm talking about. I shouldn't have to

explain that, especially to you. You know the feel

every time you fixed an aircraft and watch it

takeoff, that sense of pride.

Dan: Well I think you mean when it landed safely at its

destination. The takeoff had some anxiety built into

it. LOL!

Q: What about the two for driving?

A: Costs again are number one here. Insurance,

registration, and taxes for a new cars are murder.

You'll have to have full coverage insurance or you

won't be able to get a loan. Registration fees and

taxes on a new vehicle will have to be paid. At least

when you buy a used car you can have the seller

write you a bill of sale for less money. So that will

save you on taxes. (Of course the G-men frowns

upon this.)

Dan: I agree 100% with you there. I feel the taxes were

paid for, once when the car was first purchased.

Every time a resale occurs, it's getting taxed again.

(Can you say double taxation, boys and girls?)

Q: How is joy derived form this ownership?

A: That's simple! First, all the money you saved by driving

a classic car should be enough. But money isn't

everything. If you leave the original AM radio

installed, the radio stations play sing along music.

Not the crap on regular FM now a days. There's

nothing like cruising with your honey, singing along

to oldies but goodies. Not to forget the spacious

interior. If you know what I mean. Now if that

doesn't bring any joy to ya, I'll have to smack ya!

Dan: Yes. I know what you mean. Your date will be more

apt to help you see paradise by the dash board

lights if you're not going to get all sorts of muscle

cramps as if you were in a Mini Cooper.

Ryan: Stop! I see something moving up that ridge.

Dan: (Ryan just jump out of the jeep with rifle in hand).

Guess the interview is over now. Because if he does

get a shot at a buck, the conversation all the way

home will be about his rifleman skills. If he misses

I'll berate him all the way home.

We covered four main points about the benefits of

restoring and driving a classic car. Although there are some

drawbacks to restoring and driving classic cars, the joys

truly overcome them.