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1962 Cadillac armrest

1962 Cadillac Cigarette Lighter Repair


The discrepancy:

Cigarette lighter does not pop up or get hot in LH passenger door. Tried lighter in another position. Lighter ops checks normal. Checked for power inside lighter receptacle to ground. No power. Buss fuse is good.


Corrective action:

Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. A precautionary step to prevent shorting out loose wires. Remove the two phillips head mounting screws. (See image above) Lift interior door handle to gain access to one of them. Remove the armrest cap escutcheon.
1962 Cadillac armrest
With both screws removed lift the forward edge of the console up to expose the lighter receptacle. Reconnect battery and check for power at wires and to ground. 12 volts were present. Disconnect the battery and the red/green wires. Remove the ash tray for more room. Then hold the inside of the lighter with your fingers to keep it from spinning while loosening and removing the lighter retainer. (Turn the retainer counterclockwise.)
Meter and lighter assembly Check for continuity at the center of the lighter receptacle to the terminal pin connector. If you do not have continuity disassembly the connector pin housing.
With a small pick-screwdriver and needle nose pliers bend the tabs to release the pin cover, carbon disk, and spring. (The carbon disk is integral to the pin.) 1962 cadillac lighter receptical and retainer
(Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it while it was apart.) Inside I found the copper spring to be oxidized. I polished the spring and contact point in the housing with a scotch brite pad. Checked for continuity and we had joy! Reassemble the armrest and light'em if you got'em! 1962 Cadillac lighter hot  
Don't even think you're getting into my car with a lit cigarette!!
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