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1960-61 - 1962-63 - 1964-65 - 1966-67 - 1968-69 - 1970 - 1971 - 1972 - 1974 - 1975
Wanted: Pictures of VIN plates for all model years.


First Digit: Second Digit:
Code GM Division Code Series
1 Chevrolet C Chevelle Deluxe, El Camino
  D Chevelle Malibu, Custom El Camino
E Chevelle Laguna
G Chevelle Malibu Estate
H Monte Carlo, Laguna Estate
K Bel Air
L Impala
N Caprice
Q Camaro
S Camaro LT
V Vega
X Nova
Y Nova Custom
Z Corvette
Third & Fourth Digits: Fifth Digit:
Code Body Style Code Engine
05 Panel Express Vega A 4-140 1 Bar. Carb.
11 Panel Express Vega B 4-140 2 Bar. Carb.
15 Kammback Wagon Vega D 6-250 1 Bar. Carb.
17 Hatchback Coupe Nova F 8-307 2 Bar. Carb.
27 Coupe Nova H 8-350 2 Bar. Carb.
29 4 dr. Sedan Chevelle K 8-350 4 Bar. Carb.
35 2-Seat Wagon Chevroletchevelle R 8-400 2 Bar. Carb
35/AQ4 3-Seat Wagon Chevelle T 8-350 4 Bar. Carb., Z-28, L-82
37 Sport Coupe Chevelle/Corvette X 8-454 4 Bar. Carb., L54
39 Sport Sedan Chevrolet Y 8-454 4 Bar. Carb., L54
45 3-Seat Wagon Chevrolet  
47 Coupe Chevrolet
57 Sport Coupe Chevrolet/Monte Carlo
57/Z03 Landau Coupe Monte Carlo
57/Z76 S Coupe Monte Carlo
67 Convertible Chevrolet/Corvette
69 4 dr. Sedan Chevrolet/Nova
77 Hatchback Coupe Vega
87 Sport Coupe Camaro
Sixth Digit: Seventh Digit:
Code Model Year Code Assembly Plant
3 1973 1 Oshawa, Canada
  2 St. Therese, Canada
A Lakewood
B Baltimore, MD
C Southgate, CA
D Doraville
F Flint, MI
J Janesville, WI
K Leeds
L Van Nuys, CA
N Norwood, OH
R Arlington, TX
S St. Louis, MO
T Tarrytown, NY
U Lordstown, OH
V Pontiac
W Willow Run, MI
Y Wilmington, DE
Z Fremont, CA
Last Six Digits:  
Production Numbers
Location - On plate attached to the top left 
            dashboard. Visible though windshield.
            Corvette - On plate attached to the
            left windshield pillar.
            Visible through windshield.

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