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Timing chain cover:

The Timing chain cover conceals the timing chain, cam gear, crankshaft gear, and fuel pump eccentric.
It is made from cast aluminum and is bolted to the front of the engine block, intake manifold and oil pan. Gaskets prevent the oil that lubricates the Timing chain and coolant from leaking out. Bolted to the cover is a fuel pump and water pump. Heater return hose and lower radiator hose inlets are cast into the cover. Two water pump output sleeve seals fit between the cover, a steel backing plate and the water pump.
Between the intake manifold and cover is a rubber grommet that prevents coolant from leaking. The crankshaft protrudes through the sealed cover opening and is sealed when the harmonic balancer is installed. Timing marks are cast into the cover and line up with marks on the balancer for ignition timing.