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  1)Retainer, Choke rod
  2)Retainer, Pull down rod
  3)Screw-Retainer, Stat cover
  4)Stat cover spring assy.
  5)Gasket, Stat cover      
  6)Screw, Choke housing       
  7)Choke housing assy.      
  8)Gasket, Choke housing    
  9)Retainer, Fast idle cam lever
      and  rod assy.
10)Fast idle cam lever
      and  rod assy. 
11)Retainer, Vent valve rod
12)Bushing, Vent valve rod
13)Rod, Vent valve 
14)Spring, Vent valve
15)Fitting, Fuel inlet
16)Sreeen, Fuel inlet
17)Screw/lockwasher, Bowl cover
18)Cover, Bowl assy
19)Pin, Float lever hinge
20)Float lever assy.
21)Needle, seat/gasket assy.
22)Jet, Main metering
23)Power valve assy. do not 
24)Gasket, Bowl cover
25)Weight, Pump discharge ball
26)Ball, Pump discharge check
27)Ball, Pump intake check
28)Ball, Dashpot check
29)Ball, Dist. check
      223 eng  parcel del.
      262 eng truck
30)Retainer, Dashpot rod
31)Rod, Dashpot
32Retainer, Pump rod
33)Rod, Pump
34)Retainer, Pump lever
35)Washer, Pump lever      
36) Lever, Pump      
37)Spring, Overtravel
38)Screw/lockwasher, Dashpot
39)Cover, Dashpot/lever assy.
40)Diaphragm, Dashpot
41)Spring, Dashpot Return
42)Screw/lockwasher, Pump
43) Cover, Pump/lever assy      
44)Diaphragm, Pump 
45)Spring, Pump return      
46)Fitting, Dist. line 
47)Valve, Spark control     
48)Gasket, Spark valve
49)Needles, Idle adj
50)Spring, idle adj needle
51)Float bowl and lower  body       
52)Needle valve, 1965 and up



Ford F1 Carburetor IPC