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Condenser part number stamp

Delco Remy 1911095 Condenser Rebuild


The discrepancy:

The wire terminal on the generator armature lug of my 62 Cadillac
was frayed. 
I decided to repair it before I found myself on the side of the road.

While replacing the terminal I bumped the radio noise suppression
Sure enough, the wire fell off. #$*!! 

They don't make .3 microfarad condensers any more. #$*!!

Corrective action:

Condenser in vise
I put the condenser in
the vise. To keep it from sliding

on me I alsoput a U-joint 

clip behind it. Then I carefully
pried open the lip holding
the orange rubber/felt/rubber seal

with a small screwdriver and
needle nose pliers.
Condenser in vise front view

With the opening wide enough. I inserted an off set pick into the

hole of the orange seal to wiggle it out.

Condenser contact bottom
With the seal 
face down.
It exposes 
the contact 
that presses up 
against the 
inside of the
condenser contact top
Once separated, you can see where the wire broke.
I removed the solder and broken 
wire strands from the contact. 
Installed a new wire of the same
color and gage through the hole 
in the contact.
Then I spread wires around the
 radius of the contact.
(Make sure you cut the strands
 short enough so that they do 
not hangover the lip and short
 out on the condenser case.)
Carefully solder the strands and
contact. I used flux core 
solder and had to polish off the 
flux to make for a good electrical 
Condenser contact with wire strands Conderser contact soldered

Once that end was completed. I put the terminal end in the vise and

gingerly removed the wire so I could reuse the original terminal.

(This is The Poorman's Off Chassis Restoration.

We don't through it out unless it's BROKE BROKE!)

Plus it keeps it looking original. With the wire assembly

completed it was ready to be put back together.

Condenser apart
Condenser in vise
Place the condenser between two pieces of
angle iron and use the top of the 

vise to keep it from sliding.
Gingerly peen of the lip with a small ball peen
hammer. Carefully! Do not hit the wire.
When I went to test the condenser 
the battery in the meter 
was dead. You know, 
I didn't have a 9 volt in stock. 
After a quick 
trip to the store and some
 scotch brite to clean the 
outside and
terminal end of the condenser, 
it tested OK.
  348.7 nanofarads.
Change the decimal 
place (.348 microfarads)
 and that's close
enough for government work.
Meter reading

You can use this practice on any condenser.

I saw online that they are selling rebuilt DR1911095's

for about 60 bucks.


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