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  1) Sealed Beam Unit, 
  2) Fender, Front 
  3) Filler, Front bumper upper
  4) Panel, Hood 
  5) Molding, Windshield 
       reveal lower 
  6) Blade, Windshield wiper 
  7) Emblem, Hood - "350" 
  8) Glass, Windshield 
  9) Mirror, Rear View -inside 
10) Arm assy., Windshield wiper 
11) Molding, Windshield reveal 
       - upper 
12) Molding, Windshield pillar 
13) Mirror, Rear view -outside 
14) Panel, Roof 
15) Molding, Roof drip scalp 
16) Panel, Rear quarter side 
17) Bumper, Rear
18) Lamp assy., Rear side 
19) Ring, Wheel trim 
20) Molding pkg., Rear wheel 
21) Cylinder kit, Door lock 
22) Handle, Front door outside 
23) Door assy., Front 
24) Molding pkg., Rocker 
25) Ornament, Front fender
       side lower 
26) Wheel, Rally II 
27) Molding pkg., Front fender
       wheel opening 
28) Plate, Front fender name - 
29) Lamp assy., Front side
30) Adapter, Parking lamp to 
       valance panel 
31) Bezel, Headlamp-outer 
32) Panel, Front bumper 
33) Grille, Radiator 
34) Plate, Radiator grille 
       name - "Pontiac"
35) Bumper, Front 
36) Lamp assy., Parking 
37) Bar assy., Front bumper

1969 Firebird L.H. Exterior View
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1969 Firebird L.H. Exterior View Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.