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Firebird Door Hardware


Illustrated Parts Break Down

1) Spacer, Front 
lower sash channel 
to glass

2) Bolt, Front lower sash channel to glass
3) Bolt, Glass front stabilizer 4) Spacer, Window glass regulator cam to glass
5) Bolt, Window glass regulator cam to glass
6) Glass, Window 7) Bolt, Rear lower sash channel to glass-lower
8) Spacer, Rear lower sash channel to glass-lower
9) Bolt, Rear lower sash channel to glass-upper
10) Filler, Rear lower sash channel
11) Channel assy.,
Lower sash-rear

12) Nut, Rear 
lower sash channel
to glass-upper

13) Washer, Window glass regulator cam to glass
14) Nut, Window glass regulator cam to glass 15) Roller, Rear lower sash channel 16) Nut, Rear Lower sash channel to glass-lower
17) Washer, Glass front stabilizer 18) Nut, Glass front stabilizer 19) Nut, Front lower sash channel to glass
20) Cam, Window glass regulator 21) Plate, Wedge-body side (67 Styles)
22) Plate,
Wedge-door side
(67 Styles)
23) Spacer,
Wedge plate to
door (67 Styles)

24) Washer, Lock striker- metal 25) Washer, Lock striker- plastic 26) Striker assy., Door lock 27) Bumper, Lock pillar-on door 28) Handle, Door outside-less button 29) Ring, Door Handle Push Button Sealing 30) Button & Shaft, Door handle push 31) Gasket, Door outside handle -rear
32) Screw, Door outside handle to door
33) Gasket, Door
outside handle

34) Screw, Window
guide cam
35) Plate, Window
rear guide cam
36) Stud, Window guide cam adjusting (Front & Rear)
37) Nut, Window guide cam adjusting (Front & Rear)
38) Cylinder kit, Door lock 39) Gasket, Door lock cylinder 40) Spring, Door lock over center 41) Knob, Door inside locking Rod 42) Ferrule, Locking rod knob 43) Rod, Inside locking to lock
1968-69 Firebird Door Hardware Exploded View
44) Lock assy.,
45) Screw, Door 
lock to inner panel
46) Clip, Door 
lock spring
47) Spring, Door
lock push button

48) Retainer, Lock cylinder 49) Clip, Lock remote control rod to panel 50) Rod, Remote control to lock 51) Screw, Lock remote control to panel 52) Screw, Lock remote control handle 53) Handle, Lock remote control 54) Control assy., Door lock remote
55) Plate, Door sill

56) Screw, 
Regulator to inner 

57) Motor assy., 
Door window
58) Cam assy., 
Window guide-front
59) Regulator 
assy., Door 
60) Handle assy., 
Window Regulator

61) Plate, 
Regulator handle 

62) Spring, 
Regulator handle
63) Spring, 
Regulator handle 

64) Retainer,
Window switch 
65) Reinforcement,
Trim at window 
66) Switch & 
Door window

67) Bumper, 
Window guide
rear cam

68) Cam assy.,
Window guide-rear
69) Cam assy., 
Inner panel

70) Stop, Window
regulator sector

71) Strip, Window 

72) Stop, Window
73) Strip, Window
74) Strip, Window
inner-at belt

75) Strip, Window
outer-at belt
76) Bushing, 
Hinge (oilless)
77) Hinge assy., 
78) Screw, Hinge
to body & door

79) Pin, Upper &
lower hinge

80) Plate, Window 

81) Switch., Door 
82) Plate, Window
83) Roller, Front 
lower sash channel
84) Bumper, 
Window stop

85) Hinge assy., 

86) Stop, Window

87) Channel assy., 
Lower sash-front
88) Filler, Front 
lower sash channel

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.