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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1) Sensor pkg., Air cleaner 
       thermal vacuum 
2) Hose, Crankcase vent pipe to air cleaner
3) Pipe, Crankcase vent
4) Fitting, Air cleaner vac. hose to manifold
5) Nut, Air cleaner to carb. (1/4"-20 Wing)
6) Diaphragm pkg., Air cleaner (On Snorkel)
7) Cleaner & Silencer, Carburetor air
8) Gasket, Air cleaner to carburetor
9) Stud, Air cleaner assy. to carburetor
10) Duct, Carb. Air pre-heater to air cleaner
11) Clamp, Air pre-heater duct
12) Nut, Air pre-heater shroud to cyl. head (3/8"-16 Hex. Hd.)
13) Shroud assy., Carburetor air pre-heater
14) Elbow, Air pre-heater (Firebird)
15) Duct, Air pre-heater to cleaner (Firebird)
16) Gasket, Air cleaner to vent switch valve


1968-69 Firebird Air Cleaner 8 Cyl. 2/4 Bar.
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1968-69 Firebird Air Cleaner 8 Cyl. 2/4 Bar. Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.