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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1) Nut, Air cleaner to carb
      (1/4"-20 Wing)
2) Cleaner & Silencer, Carburetor air
3) Gasket, Air cleaner to carburetor
4) Stud, Air Cleaner Assy. To Carburetor
(1/4-20 x 5")
5) Bracket & Pipe assy., Crankcase vent
6) Hose, Crankcase vent to air cleaner
(3/4"ID x 1" OD x 7")
7) Clamp, Crankcase hose to air cleaner & vent pipe
8) Sensor pkg., Air cleaner thermal vacuum
9) Diaphragm pkg., Air cleaner (on snorkel)
10) Fitting, Air cleaner motor vac. Hose
11) Shroud, Carb. Air pre- heater - inner
12) Shroud, Carb. Air pre- heater - outer
13) Screw, Carb. Air pre- heater shroud assy. To
Exh. Manifold (#10-16 x 5/8" Hex. HD)
14) Clamp, Air pre-heater duct
15) Duct, Air pre-heater shroud to Air Cleaner


1968-69 Firebird Air Cleaner 6 Cyl. 4 Bar.
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1968-69 Firebird Air Cleaner 6 Cyl. 4 Bar. Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.