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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1) Cover, Instrument Panel 
  2) Lace, Windshield Upper
       trim finishing 
  3) Molding, Windshield side
  4) Sunshade assy., Trimmed 
  5) Support, Sunshade  
  6) Trim assy., Headlining 
  7) Plate, Front door trim 
       pad name 
  8) Lace, Pinchweld finish & 
       body lock pillar (Bulk Roll)
  9) Lace, Body lock pillar - 
       at belt (Formed)
10) Hook, Coat 
11) Molding, Rear quarter trim 
12) Trim, Rear quarter  
13) Trim, Rear quarter upper -
       above belt  
14) Filler, Seat back to 
       quarter panel 
15) Lace, Back window upper 
       & side trim 
16) Escutcheon, Back window 
       upper lace 
17) Escutcheon, Back window 
       lower corner garnish 
18) Foundation & Trim, Rear 
       compartment shelf 
19) Cover, Rear seat back 
20) Link, Rear seat folding 
21) Cover, Rear seat cushion 
22) Carpet, Rear floor 
23) Arm rest, Quarter - 
24) Escutcheon, Rear quarter 
       arm, rest ash Tray 
25) Ash tray, Rear quarter 
       arm rest 
26) Molding, Front door trim 
       pad - lower
27) Cover, Front door arm rest 
28) Base, Front door arm rest 
29) Trim Pad, Front door 
30) Molding, Front door trim 
       pad - upper
31) Panel, Shroud side 
       trim - plastic 
32) Carpet, Front floor 
33) Retainer, Rear seat 
       folding back striker 
34) Cover, Rear seat folding 
       back retainer finishing 
35) Foundation, Rear 
       compartment - front 
36) Bumper, Rear seat 
       folding back 
37) Panel, Rear seat 
       folding back 
38) Molding, Rear seat 
       folding back trim 
39) Striker, Rear seat 
       folding back retainer 
40) Cap, Rear seat back 
       upper corner finishing 
41) Trim, Top compartment 
       side trim panel - upper
42) Trim, Folding top roof 
43) Trim, Rear quarter arm rest 
44) Cover, Driver & passenger
       seat back 
45) Seat, Driver & Passenger - 
46) Cover, Driver seat cushion 
47) Cover, Seat back outer Arm 
48) Panel, Driver & Passenger 
       seat back 

1967 Firebird Standard Interior
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1967 Firebird Standard Interior Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.