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  1) Panel, Rear quarter 
      side outer
  2) Boot, Folding top dust 
  3) Wheel, Steering 
  4) Mirror, Inside rear view 
  5) Support, Rear view mirror 
  6) Sunshade assy.
  7) Molding, Windshield header 
  8) Lid, Rear compartment 
  9) Lens, Tail lamp 
10) Letter, Rear compartment 
       lid name
11) Door, Fuel tank 
12) Emblem, Fuel tank door 
13) Lock, Rear compartment
14) Panel, Rear end 
15) Bumper, Rear 


1967 Firebird Exterior Convertible Rear View
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1967 Firebird Exterior Convertible Rear View Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.