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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1) Retainer, Clutch pedal
  2) Bushing, Clutch pedal
       Shaft- Nylon
  3) Bracket, Clutch/brake pedal
  4) Clip, Clutch pedal rod
  5) Pedal, Clutch
  6) Cover, Clutch pedal pad
  7) Seat, Clutch level shaft
       ball stud
  8) Fork, Clutch
  9) Stud, Clutch lever shaft
10) Spring, Clutch lever shaft
       ball stud seat retainer
11) Extension, clutch fork
       pull back spring (8cyl)
12) Seal, Clutch control
13) Washer, countershaft to
       frame bracket
14) Bracket, clutch lever and
15) Nut, Countershaft to frame
16) Screw, Level/shaft bracket
    to frame (5/16"-18 x 1 1/8")
17) Bracket, Clutch fork return
18) Spring, Clutch fork pull back
19) Screw, Brake pipe & bracket
       to frame (#10-16 x 1/2")
20) Rod, Clutch fork adjusting
       push (8cyl)
21) Extension, Clutch fork pull
       back spring (6cyl)
22) Level & Shaft, Clutch
23) Rod, Clutch fork push 
24) Nut, Clutch fork adjusting 
       rod push (3/8"-16)
25) Rod, Clutch fork adjusting
       push (6cyl)
26) Swivel, Clutch fork push
       rod (8cyl)
27) Fitting, Countershaft grease
28) Stud, Clutch lever shaft ball
       to engine
29) Seat, clutch lever shaft ball
30) Washer, push rod to lever
31) Rod, Clutch pedal push
32) Screw, push rod dash seal
       retainer (#8-18 x 38")
33) Seal,  Clutch pedal push
       rod dash
34) Bumper, Clutch pedal
35) Switch/bracket, Tranny
36) Screw, Switch to bracket
       (1/4"-14 x 1/2")
37) Bracket, Tranny neutral
       switch (1973-74)     
38) Switch, Tranny neutralizer
39) Boot, Clutch fork
40) Plate, Clutch pedal trim

Clutch Linkage
1967-69 Friebird/1971-75 "X"

Illustrated Parts Break Down

1967-69 Friebird Clutch Linkage Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.