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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1) Strip, Shroud vent grille
  2) Retainer, Windshield lower 
       corner sealing (1966) 
  3) Retainer, Windshield pillar 
       upper corner windshield 
  4) Channel assy., Quarter 
       window glass run front 
  5) Channel assy., Quarter 
       window glass run rear 
  6) Weatherstrip, Compartment 
       lid gutter
  7) Strip assy., Quarter 
       window glass run 
       inner & outer 
  8) Weatherstrip assy., Front 
  9) Channel assy., Door  
       window glass run 
10) Strip assy." Door window 
       glass run inner & outer 
11) Retainer, Side roof rail 
12) Weatherstrip assy., Side
       roof rail 
13) Weatherstrip assy., Quarter 
       window frame 
14) Retainer, Windshield pillar 
15) Weatherstrip, Front body 
       hinge pillar finish 
       (1964 Tempest)
16) Weather-stripping Kits

1967-69 Firebird Coupe Weather-stripping
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1967-69 Firebird Coupe Weather-stripping Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.