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Firebird Convertible Body Sheet Metal



Illustrated Parts Break Down

1) Panel assy., Shroud upper

2) Support, Windshield glass

3) Panel assy., Shroud vent duct center

4) Brace, Instrument panel to center duct

5) Reinforcement, Shroud vent ctr. duct panel side -at windshield

6) Fame assy., Windshield inner upper

7) Rail assy. Front roof

8) Panel assy., Dash (Inc. #60).

9) Panel, Shroud Vent duct side

10) Reinforcement assy., Front body hinge pillar to duct

11) Panel assy., Front body hinge pillar

12) Reinforcement, Front body hinge pillar to rocker

13) Reinforcement, Wheelhouse inner panel (Part of #23)

14) Pan Rear compartment

15) Lid assy. Rear compartment

16) Dampner assy., Body-rear

17) Support assy. Rear bumper inner

18) Support assy., Compartment pan to rail dampener

19) Rail Rear end cross

20) Filler Compartment pan to quarter panel

21) Reinforcement assy. Compartment pan at fuel tank

22) Rail assy., Rear compartment side

23) Brace assy., Folding top mounting support to wheelhouse (Part of #23).

24) Panel assy. Wheelhouse (Inc. #13-22-50- 51-52)

25) Panel assy., Rear compartment - front

26) Pin, Compartment lid hinge

27) Strap, Compartment lid hinge

28) Support, Compartment lid hinge

29) Support assy., Spare tire clamp anchor plate

30) Reinforcement, Rear quarter outer panel - at belt

31) Brace, Body lock pillar to quarter panel

32) Gutter, Compartment lid side

1967-69 Firebird Convertible Body Sheet Metal Exploded View

33) Cover, Fuel tank filler neck tube protector

34) Neck assy. Fuel tank filler

35) Retainer, Fuel tank filler neck tube

36) Hose, Fuel tank filler neck tube protector

37) Plate, Compartment lid lock striker anchor

38) Pocket, Tail lamp opening (Part of #39)

39) Panel assy. Rear end (Inc. #37 & 42)

40) Door & Hinge, Fuel tank filler 41) Emblem, Fuel tank filler door

42) Retainer, Rear license plate (Part of #38) (1967)

43) Support, Rear bumper

44) Panel Rear quarter side outer

45) Reinforcement, Body lock pillar

46) Reinforcement, Rocker outer panel - rear

47) Panel assy. Door opening rocker outer

48) Door assy. Front (Inc. #48)

49) Panel assy. Front door outer (Part of #47)

50) Panel, Shroud lower

51) Panel Wheelhouse outer (Part of #23)

52) Panel, Rear quarter inner front (Part of #23)

53) Panel, Rear quarter inner rear (Part of #23)

54) Support, Folding top mounting

55) Brace, Body lock pillar to folding top mounting support

56) Filler, Rocker inner panel - rear

57) Bar assy., Compartment pan cross - front

58) Reinforcement, Floor pan at rear spring - front

59) Brace, Body lock pillar to floor pan

60) Reinforcement Floor panel

61) Panel, Rocker inner

62) Brace assy., Dash to engine mount rail (Part of #61)

63) Panel assy., Instrument

64) Brace, Top compartment side panel - lower

65) Brace, Top Compartment side panel - upper

66) Pan Floor


The exploded view illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.