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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1) Pedal & Lever assy., 
       Parking brake release 
2) Cable assy., Parking brake - front
3) Cable assy., Parking brake - Intermediate
4) Cable assy., Parking brake - Rear
5) Nut, Alarm Switch brkt. mounting stud (1/4"-20)
6) Lockwasher, Alarm switch brkt. mounting stud (1/4")
7) Strap, Parking brake alarm
8) Switch & Bracket assy., Parking brake alarm
9) Clip, Parking brake frt. cable clevis
10) Nut, Pedal & lever brkt. to dash (5/16"-18)
11) Screw assy., Pedal & lever brkt. to inst. panel 12) Cover, Parking brake pedal pad 13) Guide, Parking brake intermediate cable 14) Bracket, Parking brake rear cable to shock plate 15) Rivet, Cable brkt. to shock abs. lower mtg. plate 16) Retainer, Rear cable to frame
17) Connector, Intermediate cable to rear cable
18) Nut, Front cable to equalizer (5/16"-24)
19) Equalizer, Rear cable
20) Retainer, Front cable to frame
21) Sleeve, Front parking brake cable
22) Spring, Pawl release lever return
23) Rod, Parking brake release
24) Handle, Parking brake release

1967-68 Firebird Parking Brake
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1967-68 Firebird Parking Brake Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.