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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1) Screw assy., Headlamp
       beam adj.
  2) Headlamp assy.
  3) Ring, Headlamp mount
  4) Beam Unit, Headlamp 
       Type 2
  5) Ring, Headlamp retaining 
  6) Screw, Headlamp mount
       ring (8-32 x 3/8")
  7) Ring, Headlamp retaining
  8) Beam Unit, Headlamp
       Type 1
  9) Ring, Headlamp mount
10) Screw, Headlamp mount
       (1/4"-20 x 5/8" Hex)

1967-68 Firebird Headlights
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1967-68 Firebird Headlights Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.