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Firebird Fuel System



Illustrated Parts Break Down

1) Pipe assy., Fuel main (5/16" I.D.)

2) Pipe assy., Fuel return (1/4" I.D.)

3) Clip, Vapor return pipe (1/4")

4) Clip, Vapor Return pipe

5) Clip ASSY., Fuel pipe

6) Clip, Fuel & brake pipe

7) Clip, Vapor return pipe to fuel pipe

8) Clip, Fuel Line

9) Wire assy., Fuel tank extension

10) Cover, Fuel tank filler neck tube

11) Cap, Fuel tank filler

12) Emblem, Fuel tank filler door

13) Door & hinge assy., Fuel tank filler

14) Hose, Fuel tank tube protector

15) Retainer, Fuel tank filler neck tube

16) Neck assy., Fuel tank filler

17) Insulator, Fuel tank anti-squeak

18) Tank, Fuel

19) Insulator, Fuel tank

20) Bolt, Fuel tank supt. strap

21) Spacer, Fuel tank supt. strap

22) Nut, Fuel tank supt. strap

23) Strap, Fuel tank support

24) Gasket, Outlet fittings to tank

25) Gauge assy., Fuel (tank unit)

26) Cam, Outlet fitting to tank

27) Restrictor, Vapor return Hose (400 Engine)

28) Clamp, Vapor return Hose (1/2"-Red)

29) Hose, Tank to vapor return pipe(1/4 I.D. x 5-1 2")

30) Hose, Tank to Fuel Pipe (5/16" I.D.)

31) Clamp, Fuel hose (9/16" Black)

32) Sleeve, Fuel pipe rear hose

1967-68 Firebird Fuel System Exploded View

33) Pipe assy., Fuel pump to carb. (5/16" LD.)

34) Gasket, Fuel pump to timing chain cover

35) Fuel Pump, Package

36) Washer, Fuel pump to housing

37) Bolt, Fuel pump to housing (5/16"-18 x 1-1/8")

38) Washer, Fuel pump to timing chain cover

39) Bolt, Fuel pump to timing chain cover

40) Hose, Front pipe to rear pipe(5/16" LD. x 5-3/8")

41) Hose, Fuel pump to front pipe(5/16" LD. x 9-1/2")

42) Clamp, Fuel hose (5/8" Green)

43) Hose, Return pipe connector(1/4" I.D. x 7-3/4")

44) Clamp, Vapor Return Hose (1/2")

45) Hose, Return pipe connector(1/4.1 I.D. x 7-3/4") 46) Hose, Fuel pump to fuel pipe(9/32" LD. x 12-1/2")


The exploded view illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.