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Illustrated Parts Break Down

Cut Away View
EXPLODED VIEW Pump, Fwd & Direct Clutch, Center Support Case Extension & Planet Carrier Range Selector FRONT & REAR SERVOS
1) Spring, Front servo
2) Retainer, Front servo spring
3) Pin, Front Servo piston
4) Washer, Servo piston
5) Piston, Front servo
6) Ring, Front servo piston oil seal
7) Ring, Front servo retainer-snap
8) Piston, Accumulator front
9) Ring, Accumulator piston oil seal
10) Spring, Accumulator piston-front
11) Pin, Rear servo rear band apply
12) Retainer, Rear servo piston spring
13) Spring, Rear servo
14) Washer, Rear servo piston
15) Ring, Accumulator piston oil seal-inner
16) Piston, Accumulator
17) Ring, Accumulator piston oil seal-outer
18) Seal, Rear servo piston
19) Spring, Rear accumulator
20) Piston, Servo-rear
21) Ring, Servo piston retainer-snap
22) Gasket, Rear servo cover
23) Cover, Rear servo
24) Gasket, Case to spacer
25) Spacer, Valve body
26) Gasket, Valve body to spacer
27) Valve assy., Trans. control
28) Pipe, Governor oil
29) Bolt, Solenoid to valve body (1/4"-20 x 3/4")
30) Solenoid, Trans.
31) Gasket, Solenoid valve
32) Seal, Oil suction pipe to case
33) Strainer assy., Trans. oil 34) Gasket, Trans. oil pan
35) Pan, Trans. oil
36) Screw, Case to center support locating
37) Valve, Trans. control manual
38) Screw & Conical Washer assy., Oil pan to case (5/16" -18 x 3/4")
39) Screen, Governor oil pipe hole
40) Pipe assy., Trans. intake-to strainer (2nd Type)
41) Grommet, Trans. strainer to pipe


1965-72 Pontiac Turbo-Hydramatic Transmission (M-40)
Front & Rear Servos & Control Valve
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1965-72 Pontiac Turbo-Hydramatic Transmission (M-40) Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.