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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1) Rod, Steering connecting 
2) Nut, Tie rod end housing stud (1/2"-20) (Thick)
3) Cotter Pin, Steering linkage (1/8"-1")
4) Rod & Ball Stud assy., Steering knuckle Tie - R.H.
5) Nut, Adjuster clamp bolt (3/8"-24)
6) Clamp, Tie rod adjuster
7) Sleeve, Tie rod adjuster
8) End assy., Tie rod
9) Seal, Tie rod ball stud dust
10) Bolt, Adjuster clamp (3/8"-24 x 1 5/8")
11) Bushing, Steering arm idler support
12) Arm, Steering connecting rod idler
13) Seal, Idler lever bushing
14) Support assy., Idler lever
15) Seal, Tie rod ball stud dust
16) Rod & Ball Stud assy., Steering knuckle tie - L.H.
17) Arm, Steering gear pitman

Steering Control Linkage
1963-70 Pontiac; 1964-70 Tempest;
1967-70 Firebird; 1969-70 Grand Prix;
1971-72 All
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1967-70 Firebird Steering Control Linkage Exploded View
The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.