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Pontiac Front Drum Brake



Illustrated Parts Break Down

1) Pin, Brake shoe hold down spring

2) Cover, Adjuster hole - rubber

3) Plate, Brake backing

4) Spring, Shoe link to shoe

5) Link, Front brake shoe

6) Brake Shoe & Lining pkg., Secondary (rear shoe)

7) Pivot, Brake shoe actuator

8) Spring, Shoe actuator return

9) Actuator, Brake shoe

10) Spring, Shoe override

11) Cup& Spring assy., Shoe hold down

12) Sleeve, Shoe automatic adjuster

1963-72 Pontiac Front Drum Brake Exploded View

13) Socket, Brake shoe adjusting screw

14) Washer, Shoe anti-friction

15) Spring, Shoe adjusting screw

16) Screw, Brake shoe adjusting

17) Cylinder assy., Front wheel brake

18) Link, Wheel cylinder connecting

19) Cup & Spring assy., Shoe hold down

20) Washer, Brake shoe spring retainer

21) Brake Shoe & Lining pkg., Primary (front shoe)

22) Spring, Shoe to anchor

23) Guide, Shoe anchor pin

24) Screw & lockwasher assy., Cylinder to plate


The exploded view illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.