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1962 Cadillac Sedan Deville



The discrepancy:
Leaking oil from the front timing chain cover seal.
Corrective action: 
Loosen all the accessory belts (Generator, PS, and AC). Jack up the car and place it on two front jack stands.
All the work can be done from under the car.
On jack stands
I would say mark the pulley to balancer alignment, but it's probably to greasy. Try anyway. Putting back the pulley
was the hardest part of the job. Minus the three trips to the auto parts store. I hate when they re-box the wrong
parts. Remove the six 1/2" hex head 5/16-18 bolts holding the pulley to balancer.
Harmonic Balancer stopped from turning
This is were the Frankenstein Tool Works Company is
enlisted. The Cadillac manual says you can use 
compressed air @110 psi on the number one cylinder
at TDC to hold the crankshaft from turning when 
removing the 13/16" crankshaft bolt, but that's 
more work.
I used a 1"x1/4" flat stock to hold it in place. Use a 
grade 5 or higher bolt or it will shear off in the balancer.
The chain is wrapped around the frame for torquing
the bolt to 110 ftlbs.
Use a Harmonic Balancer Puller to remove harmonic balancer.
With the balancer off pry out the seal with a seal removal tool. Be careful not to grab the lip of 
the timing chain cover. Just the seal.
Seal removal tool
With the seal out. Clean the seal recess. Put some 
sealant on the outside diameter is the seal and press
into place. There is no room to swing a hammer, so
you'll need to use a socket and the crankshaft nut
with a plate to press the seal into place.
Seal removal tool and seal
Tool set up Tool setup
Where the seal rides on the Harmonic balancer it tends to groove the surface. To repair the groove and 
restore a smooth surface for the seal,we press a thin sleeve over the damage.
Clean shaft with some fine scotch brite or sand paper.
Grooved harmonic balancer
Harmonic balancer with sealant
Measure the position of the groove to the sleeve. Some
sleeves allow removal the flange after installation.
If needed. If not leave it on.
Put some sealant on the top of the shaft and place
the sleeve on top. If the groove is real deep you can
fill it with metal epoxy.
Place the sleeve installation cap onto the sleeve and 
press the sleeve into place.
Clean the shaft and oil it before installing 
the balancer on the

Torque the crankshaft bolt to 110 ftlbs.
1962 Cadillac 390 cuin  V8
harmonic balancer and sleeve harmonic balancer sleeved
torguing harmonic balance
Now the hardest part of the job. Putting back the pulley. Line up the shim plate on the bench first. There are two
different size holes on the pulley. The small holes are for the bolts and the larger ones fit over the stubs on the 
Use the "O" stamped in the plate and mark pulley for alignment. Then place the pulley in position and keep 
spinning it until all the holes line up. Install the plate and two bolts on the top. Don't tighten all the way. 
Place the belts on the pulley then install the rest of the bolts. Torque the bolts to 20 ftlbs.
Harmonic balancer pulley doubler
Reinstall the belts. Remove the jack stands and
 your are good to go! 
No more post engine run drip.
Part #'s: 
For  1.625 Harmonic Balancer Shaft  Seal # 16084
For repair sleeve  # 99162 

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