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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1) Case, Transmission 
  2) Ring, Rear Bearing to 
       case retainer
  3) Bearing, Trans. Mainshaft
  4) Cover, Transmission
  5) Screw & Lockwasher assy., 
      Trans. cover 
       (1/4"-20 x 5/8") 
  6) Plug, First and reverse 
       detent spring retainer
  7) Ring, Rear bearing to 
       main shaft 
       (special snap)
  8) Washer, Second gear 
       speed thrust 
  9) Gear assy., Second speed 
10) Shaft, Main
11) Gear, First and reverse 
12) Ring, Synchronizer
13) Retainer, Synchronizer 
14) Clutch assy., Second and
       third speed 
15) Retainer, Synchronizer 
16) Spacer, Main shaft 
       bearing retaining 
17) Gear assy., Main drive- (clutch)
18) Ring, Clutch gear bearing retaining
19) Roller Bearing, Main shaft front
20) Fork, Second and third shifter
21) Shaft, Second and third shifter
22) Interlock, Shifter
23) Bail, Trans. Detent (3/8" dia.)
24) Spring, Detent
25) Gasket, First and reverse detent spring retainer
26) Pin, Second and third shifter fork (3/16" x 13/16" spring)
27) Fork assy., First and reverse shifter
28) Shaft, First and reverse shifter Fork
29) Ball, Trans. Detent (3/8" Dia.)
30) Spring, Detent
31) Pin, First and reverse shifter fork (3/16" x 13/16" spring)
32) Shaft, Shifter selector
33) Selector, Trans. shifter
34) Bolt, Shifter selector (1/4"-28 x 3/4")
35) Lock, Shifter interlock retainer
36) Bearing assy.; Main drive gear
37) Plug, Trans. Filler, square head (1/2"-14)
38) Seal assy., Shifter selector shaft
39) Roller, Counter gear
40) Shaft, Counter
41) Washer, Counter gear thrust
42) Shaft, Reverse idler
43) Gear assy., Reverse idler
44) Bearing assy., Reverse idler gear thrust
45) Washer, Reverse idler gear thrust-rear
46) Gear, Trans. Counter
47) Washer, Counter gear thrust
48) Ring, Clutch gear bearing locating
49) Gasket, Transmission cover
50) Gasket, Transmission to carrier
51) Adapter, Case bearing
52) Seal, Propeller shaft to trans. bearing
53) Ring, Extension bearing retainer
54) Bearing, Trans. front extension
55) Spacer,Propeller shaft rear bearing
56) Extension assy., Transmission Front
57) Gasket, Front extension to trans.

1961-63 Tempest Manual Transmission
Illustrated Parts Break Down

1961-63 Tempest Manual Transmission Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.