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Illustrated Parts Break Down

  1)Screw/lockwasher, Solenoid
  2)Solenoid, assy.
  3)Pin, Vacuum break lever
  4)Lever, Vacuum break
  5)Screw, Vacuum break cover
       3 ea.
  6)Cover, Vacuum break  
  7)Diaphragm assy, Vacuum
  8)Spring, Diaphragm return
  9)Screw/lockwasher, Choke
       rod lever
10)Lever, Choke rod
11)Screw/lockwasher, Bowl
       cover 4 ea. 
12)Bowl cover assy 
13)Gasket, Bowl cover
14)Screw, Stat clamp 
15)Clamp, Stat 
16)Choke cover/spring assy 
17)Gasket, Stat cover 
18)Screw/lockwasher, Air
19)Air Shield
20)Retainer, Choke rod 
21)Rod, Choke 
22)Seal, Choke rod
23)Retainer lower, Fast idle cam
24)Screw/lockwasher, Choke
       housing assy. 3 ea.
25)Choke housing assy.
26)Gasket, Choke housing 
27)Screw, Pump discharge
28)Plate, Air distribution 
29)Venturi cluster assy. 
30)Gasket, Venturi cluster assy. 
31)Weight, Discharge check ball
32)Ball, Discharge check
33)Retainer, Float pin 
34)Pin, Float hinge 
35)Float/lever assy. 
36)Needle, Seat/gasket assy. 
37)Jets, Main metering
38)Retainer, Pump rod 
39)Pump rod 
40)Screw, Pump cover 4 ea. 
41)Pump cover/lever assy.
42)Pump diaphragm assy. 
43)Spring, Pump diaphragm
44)Valve, Pump inlet check 
45)Screw/lockwasher, Economizer
       valve cover 4 ea.
46)Cover,  Economizer  valve
47)Gasket, Economizer  valve
48)Valve, Economizer 
49)Gasket, Economizer  valve
50)Caps, Idle limiter
51)Needle, Idle adjusting 
52)spring, Idle adjusting needle 
53)Main body assy. 

Illustrated Parts Break Down

MOTORCRAFT MODEL 2100-D Exploded View

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.