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Pontiac Turbo-Hydramatic (M-40)
Oil Cooler, Oil Filler & Vacuum Pipes


Illustrated Parts Break Down

1) Fitting, Vac. pipe 
to carb. (3-Way)

2) Fitting, Vac. 
hose to carb.

3) Nut, Threaded
Tubing- 7/16"-24)
4) Fitting, Vac.
Pipe to carb. 

5) Fitting, Carb.
vac.extension -
W/Pipe (3-Way)

6) Clamp, Vacuum 
hose (11/16")
7) Hose, Carb.
Fitting pipe 
(11/32"I.D. x
1 1/2").

8) Pipe, Hose to sleeve (3/8")
9) Plug, Vac. Pipe or carb. vac. fitting
10) Nut, Threaded
sleeve (3/8" Tubing
- 9/16"-20)

11) Fitting, Vacuum
pipe to front carb.

12) Fitting, Carb. vacuum connector
1965-72 Pontiac Turbo-Hydramatic (M-40) Exploded View
13) Hose, Pipe
to fitting
(7/32"ID x 1 5/16")

14) Cap, Carb. Vacuum tube
15) Pipe, Carb. to trans. vacuum
16) Indicator rod, Trans. oil level
17) Screw, Pipe
clip to frame
(5/16"-18 x 3/4")

18) Pipe assy., Oil
cooler - outlet

19) Pipe assy., Oil cooler - inlet
20) Clip, Oil cooler pipe
21) Seal, Oil
filler pipe to case

22) Connector, Oil cooler pipes to trans. (Short) 23) Washer, Cooler line to connector - copper
24) Connector, Oil
cooler pipes to 

25) Pipe assy., Oil filler
26) Clip, Vacuum pipe to flywheel housing

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.