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Pontiac Rear Drum Brake


Illustrated Parts Break Down

1) Pin, Brake 
shoe hold down

2) Cover, Adjuster hole - rubber 3) Plate, Brake backing
4) Lever assy., Parking brake actuator
5) Washer, Rear brake shoe spring retainer
6) Brake Shoe &
Lining pkg., 
7) Pivot, Brake shoe actuator
8) Spring, Shoe actuator return
9) Actuator, Brake shoe
10) Spring, Shoe override
11) Cup & Spring 
assy., Shoe hold
12) Sleeve, Shoe automatic adjuster
13) Clip, Parking brake lever retainer
14) Socket, Brake shoe adjusting screw 15) Washer, Shoe anti-friction
16) Spring, Shoe
adjusting screw
17) Screw, Brake
shoe adjusting
18) Strut, Parking brake lever to shoe
19) Spring, Parking brake strut to shoe
20) Cup & Spring assy., Shoe hold down
1963-72 Pontiac Rear Drum Brake Exploded View
21) Washer, Brake 
shoe spring retainer

22) Brake Shoe & Lining pkg., Rear- primary
23) Link, Wheel cylinder connecting 24) Cylinder assy., Rear wheel brake
25) Link, Rear 
brake shoe
26) Spring, Shoe link to shoe spring
27) Spring, Shoe to anchor - grey 28) Guide, Shoe anchor
29) Screw & 
Lockwasher assy., 
Cylinder to plate
30) Housing, Wheel cylinder
31) Spring & Expander, Wheel cylinder

32) Cup, Wheel

33) Piston, Wheel cylinder
34) Boot, Wheel cylinder

The illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly.